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This picture was taken around the time we found out.  Whilst travelling Australia and frying beef burgers - not ideal!

Welcome to Low Cholesterol Recipes!


Hi I'm Navada and my story started in 2017 when I discovered that my partner of 8 years had been diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (the hereditary type). High Cholesterol levels in the blood can be caused by a high saturated fat diet or  your genetics. The build up of cholesterol in the artery walls restricts blood circulation and increases your risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes in future.

With heart disease ranking at number 1 on the most common killers list, I was not going to let him go down without a good fight (or selfishly, leave me behind)! Even though he wasn't entirely on board with the dietary changes at the time (like most people diagnosed), I enjoyed the challenge of making tasty low cholesterol meals and he enjoyed eating them!

Low cholesterol recipes is a documentation of our journey, all that I have learnt, and the recipes collected along the way. 

I hope that it will inspire you to make little changes for a big difference to your life or somebody else's.

Thanks for reading!

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